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Local Dining Tips Berlin: Nonne & Zwerge in Kreuzberg

Although I love working as a freelance travel writer and fiction writer, the one downside is that I spend a lot of time sitting alone at home in front of my computer, and it can get pretty darn lonely. To battle the loneliness, I often work in my favorite cafe, Hallesches Haus, or the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek library, which are both just around the corner from my apartment. But unfortunately I can’t bring my big computer screen along with me. Working on a laptop too long really does a number on my neck and shoulders, so most of my working hours are still spent at my home office, aka living room.

But it’s important to take a break every once in a while and remind myself there are other people in the world. Since cooking for one is also a drag, I often go out during the week for an inexpensive lunch. Lucky for me, a great place opened up on my very own street: Nonne & Zwerg

Nonne & Zwerg (Nun & Dwarf) is a mediterranean restaurant and winebar that serves up several tasty and nicely priced Mittagsgerichte (lunch specials). I went there the other day and had two crepes stuffed with feta and spinach and a small salad, a delcious and surprisingly light meal for under 7 euros. The service is also fast and friendly, which is refreshing in Berlin, a city well-known for its gruffness.

I haven’t been to the restaurant in the evening yet, but I’d love to go sample their wines and listen to some live music. Live music, particularly jazz, is having a bit of a renaissance in Berlin these days, fueled largely by expats from around the world, which I’m glad about because I’m just not a techno girl, and techno was pretty much all you could find music-wise in Berlin for a long time. I’m also glad to have such a cool, funky-but-homey place a mere one minute walk away from where I live.

Before Nonne & Zwerg moved in, the place seemed like one of those doomed locations, where restaurants move in and out so fast you can’t keep track of them. But the restaurant is doing well, and it looks like it’s thankfully here to stay. So stop by if you’re ever in Bergmann Kiez!



Nonne & Zwerg

Mittenwalderstrasse 13, 10961 Berlin

U-7 Gneisenaustrasse

Open from 9 am to midnight daily


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