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Vacation on a Bavarian Farm

This winter, as usual, my family and I spent a lovely week on a working farm in Bavaria. While my husband and my two daughters hit the slopes in nearby Lenggries, I relaxed in the comfy farm house apartment and took long walks through the snowy woods. The milk cows mooed in the barn under the house and the rooster struted his stuff in the chicken coop, not fazed in the least by the snow. The trip is always a fantastic break from our big city life in Berlin and we look forward to it every year.

But Bavarian farmstays aren’t just for inexpensive lodgings during ski season, like we’ve used them for. Many working farms and country estates are a great vacation option anytime of the year. Here are a few reasons why you might want to spend your next holiday on a farm in Southern Germany.

Bavarian farmstays are great for families…

No doubt about it, farmstays are a very family friendly vacation option. On the farm, parents can sit back and relax while the kids roam free, with no worries about traffic or other dangers. If the kids want a closer glimpse into life on the farm, you can arrange a stay which includes animal care and helping out with daily chores. Horse lovers, both old and young, can book a place that offers horseback riding. Active families will find plenty of options for day hikes, canoeing, bike trails, the works.

Bavarian farmstays are also often attractively priced, so they’re great for families looking to vacation on a budget. And furry friends can come along too: If poor Fido would be too lonely back at home, you’ll have no trouble finding a farm that accepts pets.

...but they’re not just for families!

Bavarian farmstays definitely appeal to nature loving couples looking for a romantic countryside getaway. If staying at a working farm doesn’t shout romance to you, why not opt for a country estate or a winery? Although many farmstays are rustic and inexpensive, you can also find more luxurious four or five star options with a spa, a nearby golf course, or other spoil-me perks.


Where to book and what to keep in mind

For information about Bavarian farmstays in English, check out the website If you speak German or are up for a Google translate assisted challenge, then check out

Although you may be able to arrange a train station pick-up or find a location serviced by a bus line, in most cases you’ll need to have access to a car to make the most of your trip. Last but not least, Bavarian farmstays are becoming increasingly popular, so if you want to arrange a trip during the summer or ski season, be sure to book far in advance.

Want to stay on a farm in Germany, just not in Bavaria?

No problem. Farmstays are available in just about every state in the country. To plan your farm vacation in other regions, go to The German website listed above also lists farmstays nationwide.

Viel Spaß auf dem Bauernhof! 🙂






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